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One To One Doctor Consulting

Chris Ewin, MD, FAAFP

President & Founder

Helping PCPs create an uncontested marketplace in their hometowns, on their terms.

Our Premise

The predominant health care model in our country is burdensome and may have a negative effect on patients and health care providers.

Our Solution

Educate and assist family physicians, internists and geriatricians in transitioning or establishing direct practices using the Fee For Care ("retainer") model.

Our Services

Experience counts. As past president of the American Academy of Private Physicians, Dr. Ewin started the "How To" transition lectures with John Blanchard, MD, the founder of our initial society (the American Society of Concierge Physicians) in 2007. Dr. Ewin is well acquainted with a variety of direct practice models. Every physician works in a different marketplace and has different skill sets and training. In Dr. Ewin’s opinion, a dynamic approach is the best way to transition to a direct practice. You need a guide on your journey. As a physician-consultant with a successful "fee for care" practice, Dr. Ewin speaks your language. He offers a turn-key approach to personally guide you through the challenges of transitioning to a fee for care model. Dr. Ewin is available to consult with interested physicians who want to run their practices as privately held businesses.

Immediate Past-President discusses Primary Care Business Models

Christopher Ewin, MD discusses a revolution in the business model of primary care.

"We call it a fee for care model. I charge one annual fee once a year for unlimited access to care twenty-four seven - text messaging, email, same day service. You get in and out, no waiting."


Immediate Past-President discusses the Fee For Care Model

Dr. Christopher Ewin discusses fee-for-care versus the more common business model of primary care.

"What we're seeing is this big difference where you're paying the insurers and the doctors are getting paid by the insurers. So who am I working for? Not you, and then I have to hire someone to try and go get paid."